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The music video for Gaslighters is now an official selection of Hollywood Theater at PDX Airport!
See the full line up here.
And watch the video here.


Still Adventures will be released on vinyl and digital late summer/early autumn on Little Cloud Records (Dandy Warhols, Sun Atoms, Firefriend).

The follow up to Lost Realities, the new album is the first done in studio for Nate Wey. It was recorded with Gregg Williams (producer: Dandy Warhols, engineer: Blitzen Trapper); and features musicians from a wide array of Portland bands, including Roselit Bone, Shady Cove, and others. Its 9 songs encompass the thin edge between melancholy and hope. It is a sonic opposite of Lost Realities, focusing on studio sounds, and is influenced as equally by Memphis and Nashville as it is by David Lynch, Slowdive, and Nine Inch Nails.  

Select press:

 "A haunting, dreamy track fit for the Roadhouse on Twin Peaks ...
lingers in my head with its cinematic feeling and emotive pull."
Obscure Sound (on Movie Ending)

"A genuine sense of epic to this sound."
Jangle Pop Hub (on Dark Fountain)

"Should help ease the pain that many of us are feeling."
Oregon Music News (on Suddenly Tamed)


Still Adventures (Out autumn 2023 via Little Cloud Records. Preorder available soon)

Lost Realities (Self released 2021 lockdown/bedroom album)

Creation (2019. Ambient commission for The Fair Haired Dumbbell Building. Plays on a continuous loop in the lobby).

In addition, I have made pieces for Teva and Nike, as well as a series of short films.
Please contact me for more info.

Note that the above links point to Bandcamp.
You can also find the music on Tidal, Spotify, Apple Music, and all major services. 


The live band features Erik Wisloff-Menteer (Blitzen Trapper) ; Rhea Morais (The Black Doors) ; Kyle Cregan (Smilepile) ; and Leah Heuser. 

Live alumni includes Tobias Berblinger (Roselit Bone, Kassi Valezzi) ; Sarah Nienaber (Candace, Shady Cove, Blue Tomorrow) ; Dirk Sincler ; and Christa Buckland


03.31.23 : Fixin To w/ Twingle + Darci Phenix
02.10.23 : Turn Turn Turn with Superocean + Chad
12.08.22: Lollipop Shoppe with Rayon + Charts
10.02.22: Rontoms with Sun Atoms
08.17.22: Holocene with The Black Doors + Tenants

First performance was an unannounced social distance rooftop show during covid, on a bicycle boulevard. I wish we had a video of it haha.

Previous bands as singer:

Souvenir Driver
Happy Prescriptions

For the past 12+ years, my career has been doing production audio for film and television, with a primary focus on reality/docu-style ENG mixing; for series on Hulu, MTV, USA, and others. 

Experience in narrative, boom operating, A1, and A2 work, including VR.

Member of IATSE (Local 488). 

For gear list, references, rates, or additional credits, please don't hesitate to contact.


(Partial list // Full season runs only)

Sound Mixer • Temptation Island • S3 - 5 • Tradewinds • USA
Sound Mixer • Back in the Groove • S1 • Hulu
Sound Mixer • Klaus • Revery Productions • Short Film
Audio Supervisor • Little People Big World • S12 - 14 • Wilma • TLC
Sound Mixer • Little People Big World • S11 • Wilma • TLC
Boom Op • Grimm • S4 - 5 • Open4Business • NBC
Audio Supervisor • Total Divas • S9 • BMP • E!
Sound Mixer • Kourtney and Khloe Take the Hamptons • S1 • BMP • E!
Sound Mixer • Rodeo Girls • S1 • A&E
Sound Mixer • Snooki and Jwoww • S1 • 495 • MTV
Sound Mixer • The Pauly D Project • S1 • 495 • MTV
Sound Mixer • The Real World • S28 • BMP • E!
Sound Mixer • Wedding Wars • S1 • 495 • VH1
A1 • Jersey Shore • S6 • 495 • MTV
Sound Mixer • Jersey Shore • S2 - 4 • 495 • MTV

Commercials Include: Nike, Adidas, Icebreaker, Toyota, Nebraska Tourism Bureau
Day Playing includes : Vice News, Here & Now (HBO), Shrill (Hulu) , Portland Trailblazers

Original Soundtracks:
Teva. Two 30 second social media ads.
Nike. 2 minute internal corporate video.
Draem. Short Film produced by Josh Winsor.
Fair Haired Dumbbell Building. 30 minute music, which plays in the lobby. 

Cosmic Alcoholic. Short Story. Upcoming in Medicine For a Nightmare, issue 3.

Octopus. Short Story. Published in Little Obsessions, issue 6. (Sold out. Read here).

I also post lowkey essays and reviews on substack, under Dizzy Diaries

(Coming soon)

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